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Is it Yardening or is it Gardenscaping?  You tell me.  





When I decided I wanted to garden, I knew I wanted raised beds.  I wanted the deep black soil and I wanted it high enough I didn't have to bend over to plant and to weed.  When I started shopping, I could only cringe at how much they cost.  I'm a handy guy with power tools, so I looked at making my own out of wood.  I didn't want to grow food in chemically-treated wood, so I priced cedar. I found that each of the wood-framed beds would cost hundreds of dollars to make.

Eventually, I found inspiration in nature.  Round shapes are all over nature, from atoms to water drops to planets.  Round is the most efficient shape for containing a volume.  After a few years of ever-improving designs, I ended up at a practical and extremely cost-effective way to make my raised beds.  The resulting garden impressed my family and friends so much that they encouraged me to make Garden Circles so that others could enjoy the same success. 

So, here they are: Practical, inexpensive raised-bed garden frames for the gardener who wants a flourishing garden without the back aches and sore knees.  


  Ryan  Hunt