September 09, 2017

Potato Harvest!

Here at Tales from Mootopia we are starting to see our potato plants changing color. It is an exciting time and we are eager to harvest but according to the The Old Farmer's Almanac we have to wait until the foliage has died for for one or two weeks before we unearth our potatoes. Speaking of unearthing, we tried the lazy bed method of growing potatoes and have done so for 3 years. We made mounded rows of straw using our old bales used to grow tomatoes in the Garden Circles EZ Foldout. We toss in whatever spuds are sprouting from last year's harvest and so far each year we have a great yield. We harvest potatoes mid-late September. The only difficulty so far is a wasp nest was in one of the rows. 
When we harvest, we will store our potatoes in a makeshift cellar in our basement. We have a basement cellar door we insulate and add wire shelves onto the stairs to hold our harvest. We also have wire baskets to hold most of the potatoes. Here are several potato harvesting tips from The Old Farmer's Almanac