April 28, 2016

Top 14 Complaints about Garden Circles

  1. The squash vines are so big it kinda scares me.
  2. I have so many fresh veggies I can't see my counter top anyone
  3. The deer find it super convenient, now
  4. My tractor doesn't have that tight a turning radius
  5. It's hard to get the tiller up there
  6. The combine can't reach the corn
  7. My chiropractor misses me
  8. You just killed my excuses for building raised beds for my wife.
  9. They are too round
  10. My dog doesn't dig holes in my garden anymore. He's sad.
  11. My friends haven't been envious of my garden circles since they got their own
  12. What if I wanted a Garden Circle triangle?
  13. I used to do square foot gardening- now I have to do round foot gardening.
  14. I filled up all the sunny spots in my yard already and now I might have to start cutting down the neighbor's trees.

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