Frequently Asked Questions

Is the wall of the planter chemical free?

Yes, it is made from a standard landscaping fabric and galvanized wire mesh. The fabric is woven polypropylene, a common plastic used in potable water tanks, bottles, toys and many other things we use every day. The galvanized wire mesh is like any other metal fence you might use in and around a garden.


How long will they last?  

Our mesh round beds are made with galvanized steel wire to prevent rusting and 20 year rated landscape fabric.  They should easily last as long as most wooden raised bed frames.


Are they sturdy enough?  How can the frame stand up and not fall in or out?

The wire mesh, especially when curved has a fair amount of structure.  Once the soil is added to the garden beds, it pushes out evenly all around the circle and holds the walls of the garden bed tight.  The fence cannot tip in or out at that point.


How do I keep the bed round when I fill it up?

First, consider where you are planning to place the garden bed and ensure that the ground is flat and level.  If the ground is not level, the garden beds will not come out level or flat and will not look the best.

Next, try to flex the bed with your hands into the best circle you can manage without being too picky. After folding the inside flap of fabric onto the ground you can place shovel fulls of soil on the  flap of fabric to help hold it in shape.  Then, while adding soil, make sure it gets all the way around evenly, taking time to push extra soil against the wall wherever it needs to go outwards to be round.  If the wall starts to tip out at all, you can adjust the wire mesh by lifting slightly, allowing the bottom to come out to match the top.

There is a bit of flex with everything so it probably won’t be geometrically perfect, but with a little bit of attention you can make it come out close enough.


Are these garden beds portable?

Only before you put the soil into it.  The soil is quite heavy, though, and while anything can be moved with the right heavy equipment, this garden bed will be as hard to remove as any other garden bed once it contains hundreds or thousands of pound of soil.


Can I put one on a deck or patio?

Patio on the ground, yes.  On a deck, no.


Shipping is kinda expensive, isn’t it?

We’ve designed our products to be lightweight and compact to make shipping affordable.  We offer shipping discounts on multiple beds .


Can I plant perennials in a raised bed?

The general consensus on the web is Yes.  Perennials do well in raised beds and because the raised beds warm up earlier in the spring your plants get a headstart.  Here is a reference.