March 28, 2017

Garden Clean-up Has Commenced!

We are happily busy this week at Mootopia, commencing the big and much needed garden and yard clean-up, which just happens to coincide with the new moon.

Today we started cleaning up the straw bale tomato beds, pulling up dead stalks, cages and irrigation lines. I had my youngest three helping and we made the best of work in sloggy sand and semi frozen bales. It feels completely lovely to be outside, hands stained with soil and be in my gardens actually working, not just waiting and dreaming.

We love using straw bales for tomatoes, peppers and melons and have used straw bale gardens for 3 years with good success. The EZ- Foldout beds make great frames for the bales and were a great addition to last year's gardening efforts. We will add a few more this year.

We usually leave all of our vegetation in at harvest's end, to add nutrients to the soil and food for the deer once we open the fence gate over the winter.

That's all for now. Happy day to you from Queen Moo (Amber Hunt).