Why Raised Beds?

Advantages of Raised Bed Gardening

When people talk about their gardens, raised beds are widely recognized as the premier option.  There are many reasons that people talk about and a lot of people are talking about it all over the web.  

  1. Ergonomics - easier  on your back and knees to reach, to plant, to weed, and to harvest
  2. Deep, rich soil is great for growing 
  3. Soil warms up faster in the spring for better growing
  4. Plants can be closer because the roots can go down
  5. Good soil not wasted and compacted under foot traffic
  6. Improved soil drainage
  7. Better pest control, especially for gophers 
  8. Can be placed anywhere like over old pavement, or right on top of lawn.


 The video below explains things very well.  One thing to keep in mind is that our raised beds are typically 24 inches, so they are even easier to access.  The frames pictured are very expensive, too, which is what lead us to develop our line of products.  Everything he talks about is applicable to our garden bed environment, though.


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