Companion Plants

This is borrowed from the Huffington Post here, but it done so well, it could help anyone looking to put in a new garden bed:

If you've never planted a seed in the ground before, chances are that the thought of growing your own vegetables -- no matter how exciting -- incites feelings of anxiety. The general principle is easy: plant seed, add water and watch the vegetable grow. But the logistics are complicated. When do you plant everything? How big will cabbage grow? Will it overshadow the carrots? Am I going to fail???

The answer is yes, you will probably fail at more than a few things when starting your first garden. But there's help, and it comes in the form of a really easy-to-read, easy-to-understand infographic by Anglian Home. This chart not only shows you when to plant, but spells out which plants buddy up to maximize space and deter pests naturally. It also tells you what to grow when there's no land to cultivate, which is great for the budding urban gardeners among us. In short, it's awesome. Check out Gardener's Cheat Sheet -- and start growing some food.