Getting Soil for your Garden Bed

Getting soil for your garden.

We take pride in the fact that our garden bed frames are less than dirt cheap.  Literally.  For all the garden beds made with the galvanized mesh, the garden soil - and the installation of the garden soil - will cost you more than the garden bed frames.

Hugulkultur is also a good way to save up to half the cost of  the soil in a raised bed. Just fill the bottom part of your raised beds with large wood chunks like logs.  Over time the wood will rot and release nutrients.  As it rots, it also becomes very spongy and will act as a moisture reservoir for the soil around it.  Eventually it turns into soil.  Read more on Hugelkultur and see how we did it here.


Good Soil

  • Good soil is critical
  • Soil is a living system
  • Using your soil efficiently in raised beds - only where you grow, not where you walk

Sourcing good soil

  • Local Landscapers and Excavators can get it.
  • Add up the number of cubic yards
  • Count on it settling over time for the first year
  • Ask about delivery.  Ask about installation.
  • Is there a place they can dump a truckload in or near your yard?
  • Can a skidsteer loader get to where you want to install your raised beds?
  • How do you feel about wheelbarrow loads

Filling them yourself - Some wheelbarrow tips

  • Wheelbarrows are anywhere from 4 to 10 cubic feet, with 6 being typical.
  • There are 27 cubic feet in a cubic yard.  That means 4 to 5 wheelbarrow loads per cubic yard.  It may take a while, so pace yourself and enjoy the chance to be outdoors and staying fit.
  • Make a ramp to the edge of your garden bed so you can fill it easier.