Is it Yardening or is it Gardenscaping?  You tell me.  

The terminology is not actually what is important here; the important thing is the idea of making your garden part of the landscaped outdoor space where you like to spend your time.  That makes tending your garden a pleasure while you enjoy the outdoors instead of just a chore.  And you get tomatoes!

Imagine standing in your garden that is built around your patio as you are grilling dinner.  In between lifting the grill lid, you notice a few weeds getting a start amongst your pea plants.  Bam, you take care of it right then and go back to check your burgers.


 Make it part of the environment your children play in.

When broccoli becomes an achievement for a boy and he just barely stepped off the patio!

Or just chill in the garden with the fam...  It's all part of living the lifestyle.