May 29, 2018

Installation Considerations- Trellis Archways!

A simple idea that is inexpensive and easy to install

We use them most often to arch between raised beds in order to give climbing plants a good place to climb.  It also makes a great feeling space once lush vines grow over it and your garden's harvest hangs down where it is easy to reach.

Cattle panels are heavy mesh about 4 ft wide and 16 ft long.  They typically cost between $25 and $40, and they can be flexed to create an excellent trellis that arches from one garden bed to another.

These are typically available at agricultural supply stores and larger hardware stores.  You can buy them online, also, but the shipping could be very expensive for something this size.

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I truly love the idea of the trellises. I which that I was starting all over They,re awesome! that whole system is awesome!!!

Michael Washburn

August 30, 2018

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