April 13, 2016

Taller Versions by Request

Taller Versions by Request

Simon is happily pretend gardening at countertop height.  His pretend strawberries were easy to pick and very tasty.

Is it a compost container or a really tall raised bed?  Maybe it is both.  Today our R&D staff put together a 36 inch tall version based on feedback from interested customers.  In my conversations with many interested folks, several had wished they had garden beds that were even taller in order to accommodate their bad backs.  Another group of people saw these circles set up and immediately thought compost bin.  I like this taller circle as a compost bin because it makes it a little harder for animals to get into it.  We will try crafting a hinging cover out of some mesh, next, to make it even harder for the animals.

Well, I am happy to say that we can do custom heights, now.  We experimented with another kind of fabric here, too.  The grey color is interesting, but it is too thin and I am not sure this will last as long as our standard black fabric out in the sun.  You can expect the final taller products to look black just like the current products.  Other colors are available, but in quantities of about 4000 garden beds.  Someday...

One thing this made visually clear is that this garden bed contains a lot of volume and would require a lot to fill it up.  This makes the soil offset strategies like putting wood, sand, rock, leaves, or straw under the soil even more important.

“Well, that will make it just the right height for the deer.” - Most common comment about our product when presented to locals around the north woods where we live.  So, we also started experimenting today with a tent-like structure over our taller raised bed prototype.  The tent poles were covered with a light bird mesh in today’s play session.  That would work to protect your strawberries.  To keep deer out we may need to find a heavier mesh.  We could also make a clear cover for it so it acted like a mini-greenhouse so you could extend your growing season.  These and other fun ideas will, hopefully, become new products as soon as we get the first product out into the marketplace.  

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May 19, 2016

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